Smell Like A Geek: Two Geeky Scents To Start Your Day

When I first wake up in the morning and before I go to bed at night, I make sure I take my bath.  It always feels good to be clean and smelling really nice early in the morning and late at night.  It is natural for people to want to smell good and to be around other people who smell good.  There are so many things that people can do in order to smell fresh.  Some people spritz on cologne, others use perfume, and for some, showering is enough.

I found two very interesting products over at Stupidiotic that gave me a bit of a surprise and a laugh afterwards.  The first product is called the Play-Doh Cologne.  I found it very interesting because it made me really wonder what it smells like.  I liked playing with Play-Doh when I was young, especially when my youngest brother Anton was still a little kid.  I can still remember the smell of the sticky Play-Doh.  It’s got a sweet smell with a hint of plastic.

The other product is called the Caffeine Soap. Now you can really get that caffeine jolt in the shower.  It smells good and wakes up your senses at the same time.  This bar of soap actually has caffeine in it to give you a jump start to your day.  It is available for $7.00.  The Play-Doh cologne is available for $24.  Thank you @neonheartboy for sharing the links.

Play-Doh Geeky Scent to Wear

Shower Shock Bath Soap

Main Image Credit: [cybertrone / Shutterstock]