Snuggies For Dogs: Now Our Pups Can Be Cozy Too!

Snuggies are fun. Who doesn’t love the stylishly ridiculous look of a good snuggie? We write about them a lot on Bit Rebels, and they always give us a good giggle.

We’ve seen the snuggies for geeks, the whole body snuggies and even the granny-made car snuggie. Now I have a new snuggie to share with you, and to add to our ever-growing collection.

Introducing… snuggies for dogs! Who would buy these? Well, probably the same people that would buy the dog highchair we featured a while back. Some people insist on making their dogs as human as possible, so why not buy him his own special snuggie? The doggie snuggie keeps your pup nestled in softness while still allowing him to freely move his paws and get around. It’s adjustable and machine washable. And, of course, it comes in pink or blue. All together now… Awwwww! You can buy your precious canine his own snuggie here.

[Image Credits: bookofjoe]