Smart Car Snuggie: The Awesome Work Of 20 Knitting Grannies

We have covered a couple of amazing snuggies here on Bit Rebels, and we are not about to stop anytime soon. First it was the splendid and hugely successful “Snuggies For Geeks” article by Diana and after that one I covered the African “Whole Body Snuggies.” Now it’s time to cover something entirely different, something that I know you haven’t seen or thought about before. or at least I think you haven’t.

It’s the smart car snuggie! Yes, that’s right! This is a snuggie for a smart car that was created by the work of 20 dedicated knitting grannies on a mission. The snuggie took Senior Design Factory about 70 lbs. of wool and 2 months to complete. It’s now being looked over and has the possibility to be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest hand-knitted car cover ever created.

I have never been a fan of covering my car with a blanket every time I leave it in the parking lot, but I think this thing is totally rad. It even has laces and is formed like a shoe. It is perfectly slimmed to the smart car and has holes knitted for the wheels. It can’t be debated that this thing is as cool as the grannies that created it. Pure awesomeness!