Whole Body Snuggies – The Ultimate Geek Garments!

We all remember Diana’s wildly successful post about the geek snuggies that were almost too cool to write about. They were as geeky as they were cool and made every geek a potential piece of artwork if you may. The different constellations and concepts were just awesomely out there and they made as much sense as sending a bucket of air to the moon. In fact, they were as personal as a snuggie could ever get… or at least that’s what we thought when we saw them.

Well, all things comes to an end and that ruling as the most exceptional geek garment has, as of this post, been pushed down to second place. Of course, it’s not intended to be a competition, but these new west African ritual garments may serve a better purpose for any geek wanting to personalize their wardrobe.

I am sure that any fashion designer or even people just interested in nice colorful clothing are going to find these quite amazing in so many different ways. Not only do they raise so many questions, they also answer quite a few about how some people keep warm at night. Maybe these would even make great ski gear if you put on a few more layers. The colors definitely match the vibrant ones used in ski wear today… or wait… was that back in the ’80s. Well, at least they look warm, and I am sure they would keep any geek warm at night while working on their next scheme to take over the world by just pushing buttons on a keyboard.