Social Media’s Effect On Romantic Relationships [Infographic]

The generation of children born today will always know the impact social media has when it comes to romantic relationships. However, the people in my generation who remember what the world was like before social media existed will always have a unique perspective about how we relate differently to each other in the post-social media world as compared to the pre-social media world.

I remember when finding a romantic partner via social media was almost considered embarrassing. People would hide it like a dirty little secret. For years people thought finding love online wasn’t genuine or real. All that has changed now since one out of eight marriages in the United States began online.

Now social media plays a huge role in romantic relationships. So much so that social media affects everything from the beginning, middle to the end. Not only are more and more people breaking up via their Facebook status, but Facebook has become divorce attorney gold. There is even a Guide To Facebook Breakups. And, we aren’t just talking about Facebook. Check this out… Yikes! Man Live Tweets Couple’s Dramatic Breakup At Burger King.

The people over at Julianna Rae put together this lovely heart-filled infographic which breaks it all down in a funny yet interesting way. I wonder if online dating sites are experiencing a rough time financially since there are so many hookups in social media. I mean, why pay a dating service if you can find love on Twitter or Facebook? Thank you, Brittany, for sending this to me.

Dating Online Relationships Chart