Stay Healthy: Avoid The Germ Zones During The Day [Infographic]

This is the time of year when the weather starts changing, and with that comes a lot of people who get sick with colds and the flu. It’s tough when we get sick because it not only affects our lives, but the lives of everyone around us too. I thought today I would give a gift to all my fellow germophobes in the form of this handy infographic that highlights all the germ zones you might encounter during the day. One way to stay healthy is to wash your hands after coming into contact with these disgusting areas. The thing is though, these little beasties seem to be almost everywhere.

This infographic is called Your Dirty Habits Make Me Sick, and it’s comes to us from ionSwipes and Keeping It Kleen (designed by NowSourcing). It starts with your dirty morning, goes through your dirty workday, continues on to your dirty dinner date and ends at your dirty movies. We associate butts with being dirty, right? However, as I’ve written before, you’ll see on here that computer mice, keyboards and office desks are waaaay dirtier than a toilet seat. Also, even though putting a slice of lemon in your water supposedly encourages good heath, if you want to stay healthy, you might want to skip the lemon in your water next time you are in a restaurant since that is a major source of disease-causing bacteria *gross*.

The top five ways you can avoid getting sick while at work are by washing your hands often, using hand sanitizer often, cleaning your desk area often, avoiding shaking hands and skipping meetings where people are sick. Check, check, check, check and check. Whew! Just remember that 80% of infections are spread through hand contact. It’s all about the hands. Don’t shake hands, wash your hands and sanitize your hands. As a matter of fact, just wear thick, winter gloves all day long. Nah, people might stare and think you’re crazy. Dang, I’m letting my true germophobe self show through in this one. You can read more on this topic at Tech Germs. Stay healthy!

Stay Healthy & Be Aware Of These Germ Zones


Header Image Credit: [Varbak]