Space Invaders | In Real Life!

I remember playing Space Invaders at the local arcade and spending a lot of coins on that game. It was probably one of the last, still functional, arcades of the game when I was young that had remnants from the early beginning of video games. Who cared about the graphics and the sounds, it was the score that was important. Today it’s a whole new thing. Scores are almost never a part of it, survival is.

Every time I see something that has to do with Space Invaders I get all fuzzy inside. Maybe it’s the memories that come crawling back or just the natural geek inside me that reacts. I just love it. And I am not alone in doing so. Someone in France decided that enough is enough and dreamt up this crazy idea about bringing our beloved Space Invaders guys into the real world for us all to see.

The artist called Invader decided that he was going to plaster the aliens around Paris and make sure they stayed. Some people think he just put them up randomly where he had the opportunity to spend time. After all, some are mosaic and take a few minutes to stick on a wall. But that isn’t the case at all. He spends a lot of time making sure that the locations are perfect and that it collaborates with his idea. As a matter of fact, if you mark all the positions where there is a Space Invader located on a map it won’t take long before a pattern emerges.

Of course the locations form a giant Space Invader ready to take over Paris. In my opinion, it’s exclusive and genius at the same time. We need more of these things around the world. Interesting and ultimately brilliant art for all of us that aren’t into post modernism and weird angles drawn on a canvas.