Spork Finger Utensils Will Have You Eating With Your Fingers

Is it just me, or is the world spinning ever faster? What I mean is that people stress like it’s their last second on earth. They take on tasks and want to finish them all at once like tomorrow was just a legend they have heard of. It’s sad to see really, and I can’t relate. I am a person with a simple attitude about the world. Whatever has to be done will be done when it is done. But just because I have this attitude, it doesn’t mean I don’t meet deadlines. It’s quite the contrary. It just makes for a more relaxed and structured way of working that I have found quite enjoyable. But then again, people seem to implement stress into everything. Even when it comes to eating, people tend to want to do it faster and easier. That’s why we have sporks in the world.

Sporks? Yeah, it’s a word that literary thousands of people are searching for each month on the Internet (around 90,000 to be exact). So what on earth is a spork? Well, it is a spoon and a fork all combined into one. It’s a popular utensil for people who go camping and travel a lot. With it, you can eat every food without having to bring a ton of utensils with you wherever you go. There is an upgrade that might make the spork an even bigger success.

This time around, it comes as a finger accessory. The spork is placed on your finger (whatever finger you choose) and then you can just eat your food. Use several sporks on all your fingers, and you can eat more food in less time than ever before. Yeah, that’s the thing that I don’t understand really. When did we stop enjoying our food and instead shove it down our throats like it was a garbage chute? Well, for campers and travelers this upgrade should come as quite an awesome one. Now you only have to bring half the utensils with you if you buy this. The finger spork is made available by ThinkGeek for just $4.95 for a set of 4. Now, what will the spork become if we add a knife to this invention? Will it still be a spork? Maybe we should just let the spork be a spork after all.

ThinkGeek’s Spork Finger Utensils




Via: [Craziest Gadgets]