All The Main Star Trek Characters From 6 Versions In One Geeky Chart

Star Trek is such a geek classic, and if you are a trekkie, you’re going to drool over this massive chart which has all the main Star Trek characters from 6 different versions of the show. Star Trek has influenced our lives in so many ways, and probably the most significant way that I can think of is through the inspiring Star Trek Technology. Similarly to Star Wars, Star Trek is full of technology that has had real life implications. I know I look forward to the day when I can experience a transporter, a replicator, a healing ray and party on a holodeck. Many people are inspired by these things, and we’ve written several articles about the almost-there Star Trek technology that people are working on right now.

However, this article focuses more on the Star Trek characters than the technology. This list will definitely test your geek knowledge. Do you know the roles and the names of all these people? We know their faces of course, but do you know exactly what their jobs are on the ship?

This list was created by Matt at This is his second version so far, and he says he will continue to update it with the feedback he gets about what should or shouldn’t be on here. One thing I can’t figure out is why isn’t Seven of Nine on here? She is a definitely a major character (and my favorite Star Trek character from Voyager). It seems like she should be on here.

Regardless of that, Matt definitely deserves props for even attempting this list and putting it out there for all of us nit-picky Star Trek fans. If you want to see more Star Trek characters, check out 235 Star Trek Characters In Awesome Pixelations. It’s another chart with the same general idea, but with a much different execution.

Star Trek Characters From 6 Versions In One Geeky Chart

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Via: [How To Geek]