Star Wars Artist Gets Married – What’s Wrong With The Cake?

When the “thinkers” behind the Star Wars brand get cookin’ you are most likely to see something futuristic and awesome. Your imagination might not even be able to comprehend the ultra gadget overload that usually is available in the movies and the art from Star Wars. That’s why people truly got a bit weirded out when they saw what was presented as wedding cake for one of the artists who has been drawing art for Star Wars since 1995.

Christopher J. Trevas, who’s work can be seen in Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force and Star Wars Blueprints: The Ultimate Collection, decided to get married and the sweet cake caused a major smile on some people’s faces while totally grossing out some of the other guests.

Yes, you are right, the cake was Star Wars themed, but you would never in a million years guess what it was all about. The outrageous way they managed to shock the guests is one of the coolest pranks I have seen to date. I would totally go for something like this in order to have something memorable on the menu. After all, weddings can be one long stretch of waiting until the party starts at the end. The reception usually happens several hours after you’ve actually gotten bored used to the whole thing.