Star Wars Bathroom Toilet Plunger & Millennium Falcon Toilet Seat

There are a lot of weird things that are created in the world, we all know that. But some of the coolest things usually have something to do with the stuff we fan, if you know what I mean. Some people really want their entire lives to be about what they fan. We have seen some extreme examples of that throughout the years here at Bit Rebels – everything from Star Trek bachelor pads to state-of-the-art Star Wars theaters. But what about a Star Wars bathroom, have you seen that before?

Oh yes, Star Wars! It’s one of the most inspiring franchises when it comes to custom created stuff. People can’t seem to get enough of the science fiction madness around this almost ancient franchise. If I were to try and mention everything we have featured here on Bit Rebels when it comes to Star Wars customization, I would have to sit here for days, literally. When it comes to Star Wars bathroom accessories, this was a given.

Whoever customized these awesome Star Wars bathroom accessories must have a pretty solid interest in Star Wars. How about a lightsaber toilet plunger and a Millennium Falcon toilet seat? That will ensure your visit to the bathroom is within the boundaries of lightspeed, or should I say hyperdrive. The toilet becomes a royal throne for any Star Wars geek.

First seen on Star Wars Daily, these Star Wars bathroom accessories have become a viral success. Maybe Disney should have a look at these and start planning the merchandise for the Star Wars VII movie, whatever it will end up being. I mean, Lucasfilm certainly never spared any expense when coming up with merchandise for the movie franchise, so why should Disney, right? These custom created Star Wars bathroom accessories would certainly make a cool addition to the already quirky amount of merchandise out there. Maybe Disney should start hiring their most creative Star Wars fans instead in order to put out the really geeky stuff. Now that would be an idea worth looking into. These days crowdsourcing is everything, so why not plug that idea to someone at Disney?

Star Wars Bathroom Accessories