Star Wars Clone Trooper Commander Gree Cookie Jar

It seems you guys like cookies! After all, you wouldn’t have checked this article out if you didn’t, right? Well, that’s not entirely true I guess. I mean, with it being about Star Wars, I bet it was that which caught your attention. Two days ago I wrote about the totally badass Zombie Cookie Jar that would scare the socks off just about anyone who comes to visit you for a cup of tea and a couple of cookies. It turned out to be something that most of you liked. So what can we derive from that? Well, you are either desperate cookie munching geeks, or you just like to check out everything that has to do with zombies, or maybe even both.

I want to keep feeding that cookie appetite with another quite geeky cookie jar. This time around it is the Star Wars Clone Trooper Commander Gree Cookie Jar (hell of a name to remember, right?). It’s definitely one for the ultimate Star Wars fan. Maybe it’s not as gory as the zombie one, with its head open and all, but this should pull the tea party off just fine.

Once again it is Amazon that makes this sweet cookie jar available. But this time, it will make a little bit of a bigger hole in your wallet since it will set you back a cool $157.25. Yup, that’s a lot of dough for a cookie jar, but maybe this badboy will become a collector’s item one day. If you happen to be just a little bit short on cash, you can always pick up the very same cookie jar over at for just £89.99 (which I think is just a tad less than the Amazon one). It’s not cheap to be a Star Wars fan, right?




Via: [GeekAlerts]