Star Wars Disco Dancing: As ’80s Corny As It Sounds!

Odd things just seem to find their way over to our tables here at Bit Rebels, and they are always a lot of fun to check out. It’s not always that they fit the geekiness we try so hard to maintain here, but that doesn’t take away from the fun of seeing it all. Diana and I were discussing the magnitude and level of Star Wars articles on Bit Rebels, and we found out that there are over 130 articles with the name Star Wars in the title. That should tell you a little about all the awesomeness that we get sent or that we find on a daily basis. Consider also that we don’t write about everything that gets dumped in our laps.

I am the biggest retro punk ever I think. I love everything about the ’80s (except for the neon colored clothes), and I constantly react to whatever comes my way if it has to do with the retro days of my life. This little clip dropped like a package from the sky in my lap today, and I can’t stop laughing about it. It’s one of those video clips that is so out there you can’t believe someone actually put it in a show.

It’s a Star Wars Disco Dance Ballet including C-3PO, Darth Vader and a whole lot of disco dancing. It’s just amazing in every way. It’s amazingly corny, amazingly weird and just wonderfully retro. No wonder Star Wars has such a strong hold on all of us. I mean, if we are capable of doing stuff like this with the brand, I am sure we will marvel over the most simple things. This video is like a drug! If you don’t want to be stuck watching this over and over again because of its insanely awesome approach, you should totally have a look at another article here on Bit Rebels right NOW! This is going to keep you laughing for hours. Let the disco begin!

Star Wars Disco Dancing Video

Via: [Neatorama]