Star Wars Heels For All You Geeky Girls

It’s time to cover a little bit of geek fashion here on Bit Rebels. There is way too little fashion dedicated to geeks, and the stuff that is out there is usually quite regular stuff, if you ask me. Apart from a few really geeky things, it’s usually are just a t-shirt with something geeky written on it. Where is all the cool stuff? You know, all the stuff that defines a geek? We have written about some things like these Star Wars Swimsuits for example, but there has to be more. If you know of anything that we haven’t covered yet, please don’t hesitate to send it to us and we’ll definitely have a look at it. We always have room for stuff that sets itself apart from everything else out there.

This time around I thought I’d turn to the female geeks out there. I’m referring to the females who have perfected a liking for Star Wars in particular. While doing some research today, I stumbled over some quite cool Star Wars Heels. They are the kind that will really make all the people around you keep their eyes peeled on your feet. Why? Because these high heels are quite out of the ordinary. They have some very geeky Star Wars illustrations plastered all over them.

I guess you will have to like Star Wars in order for these to make perfect sense. If they do, they could be yours for just $85 if you hop over to the HollyGrothues Etsy page and make a quick purchase. At the time of writing this, they are still available. That’s kind of the thing with Etsy, you have to be first in order to get what is presented there. That is, if there is no more than one item of it. And, by the looks of it, these are just one offs, so you better hurry if you want to put these in your shoe collection.

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Via: [Technabob]