Star Wars Ships Compared In An Epically Composed Poster

When it comes to Star Wars, one thing has always been the center of attention, and that is the spaceships that inhabit the Star Wars universe. Back when the first Star Wars movie came out, we were all mesmerized by their creativity and futuristic looks. They still remain epic in nature, and I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say the Star Wars ships are still some of the best ones we’ve seen in movies. But have we ever stopped for a second to see what they really look like, what size they are, and what their profile might be like? I guess we haven’t, until now that is. For every Star Wars geek, there is a bunch of stuff out there that will make you drool by the sheer look of it. However, this is something completely different.

The professional lighting of these Star Wars ships and the superb aging process put on the poster itself is what sells it to me really. All of these ships are scaled model toys of the actual spaceships. For a fan, this should be pure Star Wars porn. This poster alone could inspire a whole generation of new Star Wars fans. The creator, Avanaut, truly captured the essence of what this science fiction franchise is all about.

You don’t have to be a retro traveler, a professional photographer or a fanatic Star Wars fan to see that this poster is mint. I sure wouldn’t mind having one of these badboys in the office. If only these Star Wars ships were real. Well, for now I guess we’ll just have to drool over this poster and imagine what it would be like to drive one or two of these. This poster is not the only epic creation Avanaut has produced. I urge you to go and check out his awesome gallery for more pictures. It’s a Star Wars haven for any considerable fan.

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Via: [UFunk – French]