Star Wars Takes Over Pac-Man, Space Invaders & Donkey Kong

What could be better than a Star Wars mashup with some of our favorite retro video games? Not much. I’m about to rock your world and take your brain on a mind trip back to the ’80s, complete with Jabba, the Death Star, a fleet of stormtroppers, and little itty-bitty Millennium Falcons all ready to kick your butt. Matt Cowen, the artist behind the blog A Study In Geek, redesigned Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Asteroids and Donkey Kong as if they were Star Wars games.

Each one is as creative as the next, but the Pac-Man one is definitely my favorite. I could just imagine those little stormtroopers boogying through the maze. I wonder what would come up in place of the fruit for bonus points. Maybe it would be a lightsaber, Princess Leia or R2. When I see things like this, I always wish they might somehow, someday be created in real life. Having these retro games mashed up with Star Wars would not only breathe new life into the games we once loved, but also stir up a whole new generation of Star Wars fans. I know… that’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream, right?

You can buy a t-shirt with these designs on RedBubble or Qstoms. If you want to see another Star Wars and retro video game mashup, check out this Nintendo 64 Star Wars Tie Fighter Game Console mod. It’s a retro console worthy of the most hardcore Star Wars fans.





Via: [thaeger]