Starry Night’s Swirling Clouds Recreated With 7,000 Dominos

Being an inspiring and successful artist must be bittersweet since the impact of an artist’s work many times isn’t accurately measured until years after he or she is gone. This is definitely the case with Vincent van Gogh. He died when he was only 37 years old, which was in 1890. Even today, over 100 years after his death, people are still honoring his work with thoughtful homages.

Take “The Starry Night” for example. New interpretations of that famous Vincent van Gogh swirly painting are still popping up every few months. I remember I wrote about the artist who created Starry Night In Bacon, and the one who created the Starry Night Musical Interactive Animation.

Today I’d like to add another Starry Night inspired creation to the list. This is Starry Night created in dominos. This video is viral right now, and when you watch it, you’ll understand why. Now the only question is, why would YouTube user FlippyCat get 7,000 dominos and spend 11 hours to make swirly clouds just so he could make them all fall down? I think you know the answer. It’s because he could. When you have a creative mind that just won’t stop, you feel inspired to create something like this, and you know you can do it – That’s often times all the motivation needed to get the job done. Check out FlippyCat‘s YouTube channel to see all his domino videos. This isn’t the only one that will blow your mind.


Via: [Book of Joe]