Starry Night: Vincent van Gogh Painting Recreated In Bacon

It’s been a while now since we touched on the subject that we all love, namely bacon. There have been quite a few products created with the flavor, smell and look of bacon, and it looks as if that is unlikely to stop anytime soon. The funny thing is that right when some people think bacon is “out,” it comes back in full force in the form of a new product that takes us by storm. So why do we love bacon so much? You’ll have to answer that question for yourself. There are apparently a lot of people out there who like bacon, and that is the only answer I can give you. It’s quite clear that we love everything that has to do with bacon. Is it the taste? Is it the smell? Could it even be the look of bacon? Well, yeah, it could and possibly is all of those things.

One thing we haven’t seen yet (at least I haven’t) is the way bacon can be used to create art. Sure, we have seen our share of bacon creations, but has it ever been used to grace paintings the way color does? To my knowledge, not until recently. Instructables enters the uncharted areas once again with their Vincent van GoghStarry Night” bacon picture. It’s one of those wonderfully odd creations that makes everything else quite boring.

Wouldn’t it be cool to bust out this creation once your barbecue guests have arrived to your party to welcome the summer? Imagine people’s faces when you start cooking this badboy. You will be the king of the grill ever after. If someone wants to beat your awesomeness, the only thing left for them to do would of course be to make the Mona Lisa, and what are the odds of that happening? I find it quite unlikely that your next door neighbor has the same skills as you do, right?

Bacon Van Gogh Starry Night

Bacon Van Gogh Starry Night