Baby LED Suit Stir Up A Viral Storm On YouTube

Halloween has become a spectacle to behold lately. It is almost like the essence of this day is being washed away by all the makeup used to try and create the funniest costume ever. You could say that it has become the average masquerade. According to Wikipedia, Halloween is a day dedicated to remembering the dead, but these days it is more of a “who-am-I” festivity, but not for a little girl wearing an epic LED suit created by her father.

For one couple and their 22-month old daughter, this Halloween has become a season of fandom. This youngster’s Dad, apparently an LED adventurer of epic proportions, decided that his little bundle of joy would also have a Halloween costume worthy of legends. Now, forward a couple of days and the LED suit he had envisioned in his mind is complete.

A stick figure in the dark, yes that is what became of it. It is an epic little LED suit that you have to see to believe. Not only is this little girl enormously happy about bringing light to the party, but it looks impressively funny when she runs down the dark hallway, wherever she is.

This little kid’s LED suit has raved the Internet like wildfire since the 22nd of October (a week before this article was written) the video of her running in the dark has spawned an insane 15+ million views. If that is not something to be proud of, I don’t know what is. That is definitely one of this Halloween’s best and cutest Halloween costumes. That anyone can accomplish such a viewer storm with a little LED suit, is remarkable, to say the least.

I can’t help but wonder what this father will come up with next. Will it be even more epic than this little LED suit meant to look like a stick figure? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The father also mentioned on YouTube that he will be uploading more videos of his daughter in the LED suit, so stay tuned!

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Halloween LED Suit Costume