Stormtrooper Helmet Created Entirely Out Of A Milk Jug

Most people regard creativity as something people you are born with but nothing could be farther from the truth. All you really need to do is to make sure you are childish enough to make the impossible seem possible. It doesn’t matter how stupid something might seem, the end result is all that matters. As long as you can imagine the result, you can create it. It might take a long time to reach the end result sometimes, but that only increases the feeling of accomplishment when you get there. I found exactly this today. From pure imagination, the people behind Filth Wizardry have come up with a Stormtrooper helmet created entirely out of a milk jug. If anything, it’s amazing imagination!

You have to see the full tutorial on how to create this since it is one of the few do-it-yourself projects I have seen in a while that totally blew my mind. With a couple of cuts in an empty milk jug, you will be able to get the shapes that make up the Stormtrooper helmet. I am not personally going to try and tell you how to put this all together since in order to get those details, you’ll need to consult the awesome tutorial that Filth Wizardry has put together for. I tell you, it’s definitely worth your time!

The Stormtrooper helmet is carefully assembled and detailed to make it look and feel just like one of those Stormtrooper helmets that you can buy in the toy store. This one of course has a lot more personality to it though. Imagine how cheap it would be to create a whole army of Stormtroopers if you saved up a bunch of milk jugs. I guess you would have to really like milk in order to pull that off, but milk is good for you so get on it. Even though I have been staring at this tutorial for the past 30 minutes, I am still super excited to share this Stormtrooper helmet tutorial with you, so head over to Filth Wizardry and enjoy some real creativity. It’s super inspiring and super clever!

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