StreetFlyer: The Oddest Bicycle Breed You Have Ever Seen

I was a frequent pedal paddler when I was a kid until I got myself into an accident.  After that I have never really found the two wheeled form of transportation to be quite as exciting again.  Well, of course, I have been up in the saddle after that, and even gotten myself one of those high end mountain bikes when I was in my twenties, but I didn’t really use it that much.  When it got stolen, I never cared to really venture into that territory again.  Of course, like every guy, I have been pushed by adrenaline to get myself a motorcycle, but the thought of ending up in one of those accidents again, this time during way higher speeds, makes me want to take the safe route around.  However, there are definitely other things out there that have wheels, and that are strikingly similar to biking.

The StreetFlyer, for example, is one of those odd contraptions that I am sure you have never seen before.  Created by Carsten Mehring, this thing is specifically created to give you a flying sensation experience, and it does so in a fully secure way.  The prototype may look a little off the edge, but the designer ensures it is safe and definitely a trip to use.

As I understand it, so far it’s just a prototype contraption, but if Carsten and his team get enough requests, I am sure they will start producing these for the public as well.  It surely looks odd and the position you’re in when paddling away on that thing feels very exposed, but the contraption itself makes it uber safe.  I am sure… Hmm…

Hanging In StreetFlyer Contraption Prototype

Front View Of The StreetFlyer

StreetFlyer Bicycle Prototype In Action

Getting Onboard The StreetFlyer Prototype

Standing Beside The SteertFlyer Prototype