Stuck: How To Rid Your Boredom At The Airport

Not too long ago, I was stuck at the airport in Amsterdam on my way to Los Angeles. I had carelessly trusted the lady at the check-in counter at my first airport when she said that she checked me in all the way. When I got to the gate to fly to Los Angeles, they said I had never checked in, and they could do nothing about it. Imagine my surprise when I had to go to the airline reception to ask what the hell had happened. Luckily they fit me in on the plane the following morning; however, I had to spend the night at the airport. Let me just say that airports can be really boring once all the stores, restaurants and coffee shops close for the day, not to mention the quietness which is haunting wherever you go.

Apparently there are some airports that give you all the opportunities in the world to have a bit of fun. Sure, it’s not entirely true that you will be able to do all of these things. If it was, I would have no problem in sitting tight for a night here and there at a desolate airport. “Stuck” from Ayala and Chen (YouTube channel AyalaandChen) is one of those videos that will have you actually looking forward to getting stuck at an airport for a night or two.

How fun would it be to check out whether or not all of these things could actually be done? Yeah, some are quite obvious, and I could think of a few things that were not in the video, but pouring a glass of beer for free would not be such a bad thing. However, too many glasses of the goodness would probably be bad for your chances of getting on that re-booked flight in the morning, so be careful. But then again, I am pretty much sure they close it down real tight before they go, sad as that is.

Stuck At An Airport Video