Super Mario With A Portal Gun Is Way More Fun

Once again, I find myself walking the halls of the vibrant memories of Super Mario Bros. It’s like it has become a close friend of mine that I can always return to in order to feel that awesome retro feeling that sometimes pokes at my attention. The gameplay, as we have analyzed before, is simple yet super addictive. Once you start to play the game, you can hardly put it down. There was also something about the controllers that made playing Nintendo NES fun and ultimately comfortable. Even though they were squarely blocky and not really molded to fit the hands holding it, those controllers were still simple, and the response they gave was instant and hassle free.

Today’s controllers are way more sophisticated, but they are also a little bit trickier to understand. There are like 54 different buttons on them, and each one has a unique feature for each and every game. To increase your reaction time when playing games with the new controllers, you have to practice, practice and then just practice some more.

That’s exactly the reason why I found this Dorkly video so mesmerizing and fun. Not only is it an old way to play the Super Mario game, but it’s the new gadget that’s at Super Mario’s disposal which makes the most sense. We’ve all heard about Portal 2 being recently released, and the reviews are off the chart. So the logical step after this would be to combine Super Mario with the gadgets of Portal 2, right?

Yup, that’s exactly what the guys over at the geeky community of Dorkly decided to do, and they did it in the best way possible. The video, which unfortunately isn’t playable as a game (Duh!), is not only fun but increases the need for a new version of the old Super Mario Bros. Just a little touch-up and a few more features would do it, and I think Nintendo would have themselves another legendary hit on their hands. After all, every movie company in the world is rebooting old franchises left and right, and they all seem to work because they’re fun and retro. So Nintendo, go ahead and update the dusty version of the original Super Mario, it’s way worth it!

Super Mario With Portal Gun