Superpowers Mega Chart: They Are ALL Here

It seems to be one of those days when everything we are writing about is on one single subject. I’ll see if I can switch it up a little on my next article, but this one is way too awesome to pass up. I mean, who could ever pass up an opportunity to write about superpowers in the first place, especially when it is about ALL the superpowers. In case you didn’t understand the “All” in that sentence, I really meant ALL of them.

It seems as though almost every superhero is indestructible and usually has one, and only one, weakness. That “indestructible” word doesn’t fit into the sentence really when you know they have a weakness. It’s just me being a word monger I guess. Do you think you could list all the superpowers that are available today? If you can, from on top of your head without cheating, I strongly suggest you start looking up someone to talk to about your obsessive behaviors when it comes to superpowers because there are a LOT!

Pop Chart Lab put together one of the most intricate and detailed infographics I have ever seen. The sheer time it must have taken to put this together is just mind boggling. The result; however, would make a perfect waiting room poster. Once you start looking at it, you can’t really stop. It’s one of those posters where you just get sucked in and instantly get addicted to its awesomeness and ultimately useless information.

As a matter of fact, that’s what geeks do. They take useless information, and they make it useful. I think it is in our odd and weird nature really. However, without the obsessive and fanatic interest in useless information such as listing every single superpower there is, this Superpowers Poster would have never existed. So I think that we should give these guys a huge pat on the back and a cheer for their insane creativity and, above all, the patience it must have taken to come up with everything and listing it in such an awesome way. It’s brilliantly executed if you ask me. I, for one, am completely addicted to it! The Superpowers Poster is available for $20 over at Pop Chart Lab‘s website. A good investment for sure!

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Superpowers Mega Chart Infographic Design