Technology Fashion: The Gaming Platform & Social Media Sweatshirt

More and more we are seeing ways we can interact with our smartphones and other mobile technology so we can intertwine it into our daily lives for more efficient and useful purposes. It almost feels like our smartphones are evolving into being our friends since they know more about us and our daily habits than anyone or anything. It’s a bizarre way to look at it, but it’s true. As technology continues to progress at a fast rate, I believe this will become more obvious. The design you see below is a concept that plays off this idea, and even incorporates it into a piece of technology fashion.

We’ve seen and written about many types of technology fashions before, but normally it’s an outlandish design that would never be useful in everyday life. This one is a little different, and although I think it will need some refinement before anyone would get some real use out of it, it’s still very innovative and headed in the direction which I think we’re going. This piece of technology fashion, which comes in the form of an interactive sweatshirt, is called Woven.

Woven is basically like a personal assistant that is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth which runs the app to control the sensors, vibrations and LED lights in the sweatshirt itself. It is a gaming platform, a controller, a workout coach, a television remote, a social media helper and so much more. You’ll have to watch the video below to see what I mean. It was created by students Christiaan Ribbens and Patrick Kersten. You can learn more about this sweatshirt on Can you imagine if someday we all had these in our closets? With a little more polishing and refinement, I could totally see it happening. I’ll take one in pink.

Technology Fashion – Gaming Platform & Social Media Sweatshirt



Via: [Fashioning Tech]