The 6 Million Bottle Man – Making Good Use of Beer Bottles

This story is going to blow your mind. This guy that lives right outside Buenos Aires spent 19 years of his life collecting 6 million glass bottles and has now built a humongous environmentally friendly house out of them.

No matter how bizarre this sounds, this cute and crazy old man definitely gets the recycling award of the year for sure. He even put together the video below, which takes us on a tour, it looks huge!

It also looks like part of this house is made out of trash, but that’s cool, to each his own, right? It could be expected when you are hand crafting a house with walls made of mud, cement and bottles that some metal, plastic pieces, hub caps and old bicycles might get thrown in the mix. Like says, it’s really just a “weaved web of recycled wonders.”

Being the good-hearted person that he is, he has also announced that he will teach anyone how to do this. So, if you have a spare 19 years and 6 million empty glass bottles, I’m sure you can contact him and learn this valuable skill. Suddenly I feel like a slacker for just putting my empty bottles in a standard recycle bin. Let’s all sing together now, “6 million bottles of beer on the wall… ”