The Awesomeness Of Silicon Valley [Infographic]

Many companies have their own perks that make it worthwhile to go to work every day. However, there are also those companies that don’t give their employees the necessary excitement to keep being creative and feeling good about their daily work. Of course, when you own your own business and everything you do affects the end result, things are valued a whole lot differently. However, for someone who is employed, sometimes things just don’t always seem to meet the expectations of a satisfying working environment. So where can you find the perfect job where everything seems to shape up just right? Well, in Silicon Valley of course!

Resume Bear put together a little (well, it’s not so little) infographic that lists some of the biggest social networking brands in Silicon Valley and compares their work environments and the perks you could expect to get from them. It’s really interesting to see how much different their work environments are compared to other industries. They seem to understand the relationship between being creatively stimulated by activities and not deadlines.

As you can see, almost every single one of these has multiple options for being active between writing code and being awesome. This is something that we here at Bit Rebels are definitely going to archive for future reference when we setup our own little office. Office wars are going to be a frequent activity each week, and there is no escaping it. Period! Have a look at this really cool infographic and maybe, just maybe, you will be moving to Silicon Valley before you know it. You never know, right?

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Social Networking Company Perks Infographic

Via: [DVICE]