The Bike Plow: Turns Snow Plowing Into Piles Of Fun

Sweden recently got a little bit of snow, and once again the mercury went down on the thermometer. It’s no surprise, and it is usually the case during winter over here. I have nothing against snow, and during Christmas time (even though it’s long gone and forgotten today), there has to be snow in order to celebrate it properly. However, there is one thing about winter that I, and probably many others, dislike. That is shoveling or scraping that snow every morning just to be able to get to work. It’s like waking up to pre-work and then going to work, if you know what I mean. Well, I guess if you look at it from the positive side, you always get a morning workout, and I mean always. It even keeps you young longer they say.

There are better, and definitely more fun ways to get rid of that snow without breaking your back doing it. It’s called the Bike Plow, and it is created by Craig Smith. It’s exactly what you think it is, and it’s even more fun than you could ever imagine. And, if you get tired by plowing the snow by just riding a bike, then you should probably start getting your butt off that couch of yours and do a couple of laps around the block cause you aren’t nearly pulling your weight to keep your health in shape.

I have to disappoint you though since this little contraption is a one off, and it’s not scheduled to be brought into the official market anytime soon. But keep praying for more snow all around the world, and you will probably see one of these in the store in the near future. It’s a brilliant and simple solution to a world wide problem. It even gives you that extra small exercise in the morning that most of us need. There’s only one word for this… Woot!

Snow Shuveling Bike Plow

Bike Plow Invention Creation

Via: [Trendhunter]