The Boardroom Table Made From Over 22,000 Legos!

I sit in a lot of meetings. I’m in a boardroom somewhere in Atlanta at least a few times each week. Boardroom tables are typically so boring. Just thinking about sitting at a dark brown mahogany table with water glasses stacked neatly in the middle makes me sleepy.

When I saw a tweet from my dear friend @terrinakamura this week featuring this Lego table below, I instantly knew I had to get the deets and share it with you. This table is incredible. I would feel so creative and inspired having a meeting at this boardroom table!

The Boys and Girls advertising agency hired abgc to create this 4’x9’ boardroom table made entirely of Legos. The company logo is even embedded in the top. You can read all the juicy details with this link,, but to summarize, “The table consists of 22,742 pieces clicked together with traditional lego construction techniques (no glue). We made a viral of the project too with the help of Artist Cormac Browne, using tripods, clamps and magic arms from the wizards sleeve of camera equipment to take over 8,000 photos for a 2 minute stop frame animation of the construction and installation.”

Lego Mojo: “making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” ~ Charles Mingus

Lego Table – abgc from abgc-android on Vimeo.