The craziest Beard in The World!

There is a competition that has been going on for decades where people (men) showcase their beards and mustaches for like minded men. It’s a prestigious competition where the winner, or the “Beard Master“, is considered a legend as long as he keeps his beard just the way had it when he won or progressed it even more. For someone like me who sports the simple yet stylish Johnny Depp mustache and beard this competition is not an option. You’re supposed to have a grown beard which I am sure some rules apply to in order for you to be able to join the competition.

You have probably seen those older gentlemen with mustaches that curl all the way to Bombay and back as well as them skipper captain beards that you can probably find a car and 3 course meal in. These are the sort of men that this competition is for.

So, who is the “Beard Master” and what kind of beard does he have? Is it something extravagant and different? Is it really that extraordinary that he really sticks out in this prestigious competition of beards your wildest imagination couldn’t foresee?

Well, let me tell you. Watch this clip and you will definitely understand why this gentlemen is the crowned champion and the “Beard Master”. True or false, you just won’t believe your eyes on this one!