The Flowchart That Explains How All Blogs Exist [Humor]

I once saw someone tweet that every single blog post comes from another blog post in one way or another. In other words, all blogs are interconnected in a whole unique online ecosystem where everyone depends on everyone else to make it all work like we want it to function. When you really start to think about, it’s kind of true. Of course, if it’s a blog about astrophysics or some other very specific niche like that, it’s not necessarily true.

However, for blogs where people just write about what they consider interesting – It’s definitely true in a sense. Let me explain… I’ll use myself in this example. As of today, I’ve written 2,607 articles here on Bit Rebels, but only about 20% of the articles I write are original content.

The other 2,085 posts are about things I found online that I wanted to share with you. That means out of 2,607 articles, approximately 521 are original content. However, where did the ideas and the inspiration for those 521 come from? Since I don’t watch television, and since I’m on my computer about 14 hours a day, those ideas came to me either after reading other blogs or seeing something on a social media site. I would guess that only about 50 articles out of my 2,607 came to my head randomly and had absolutely nothing to do with anything I saw online. Have you ever done this type of calculation for yourself?

Sometimes people say they don’t write as much as they’d like to because they can’t think of topics to write about. In my humble opinion, there is a never-ending bottomless pit of ideas online (of course always rewrite the content in your own words, from your own perspective, and credit the original source). There is never a reason to run out of ideas. I mean, the only way someone would ever run out of ideas is if they aren’t utilizing the best tool we all have, and that is the Internet.

So, with that final irony derived from all this ridiculous research that means absolutely nothing… I have finally determined that the reason every blog exists today can be boiled down to this very simple never-ending flow of circular logic put together into a chart created by DOGHOUSEDIARIES. And, in case you are wondering, yes, even the inspiration to write this came from somewhere else online. Than you, The Mary Sue. :)

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Via: [The Mary Sue] Image Credits: [The Anti-Social Media] [Fanpop]