The Illest Custom Made Retro iPad Arcade Cabinet Ever!

The iPad gets more and more retro for each new technology it adapts. This is, I know, quite a weird statement, but I can assure you that it has a point and quite a solid one. There are new apps and games coming out for the iPad every day, and since it was released, it has become somewhat of a poster boy/girl for what mobile gaming is all about. This has, of course, led to a lot of people trying to further enhance their experience when using it to play games. We’ve seen everything from docks to entirely new technologies that can go into the category of accessories.

Justin Hubbard, a geek of magnitude, decided to create something for gamers to rejoice over. The build itself is as inspiring as it is cool, and the reasons for that are many. Justin built a retro arcade cabinet that fits on your coffee table, on which you can place your iPad in a dock and play games using the built in controls and joystick.

This might seem like it has been done before, and you’re right. However, it’s what comes at the end that sets this build apart from all the others. Incorporated into the back of the cabinet is a Pico projector that will project everything that is displayed on the iPad on the wall directly in front of you. The party suddenly got a whole lot more interesting. Show movies, play games, show pictures… you get the picture, right? I would call this the illest build for an iPad ever! Pure geekdom if you ask me!