The iOS 5 Hidden Features That Apple Didn’t Mention

The iOS 5 will be released to the public this fall, and I am one of the eager ones wanting to toy with it. The over 200 new features that are available in this update will certainly be cool to check out, and some of the things I am personally looking forward to harnessing the power of are the iCal and Mail updates. We have long been looking for a simple yet powerful solution to keep our schedules synced with each other here at Bit Rebels, and this new update will certainly come in handy. The Mail updates will also help us keep track of all the emails we get each day, especially the ones from our sponsors and advertisers.

However, there are some features that deserve a closer look that Apple didn’t mention. A German guy named Simon is supposedly one of the lucky few developers that was able to look through the new version, and what he has found is something quite interesting. As it stands, Apple didn’t cover the coolest features of the bunch, and it seems they were holding out on us while doing their demo of 10 out of the over 200 features.

Now I just know there is someone out there that will read the beginning of this article and immediately check out the video. That will cause some trouble since I have received some comments in prior articles when I have tried to be a little bit… sarcastic and then at the end of my article mentioned that it was all a spoof. Well, some people don’t read the entire article, and they come to the conclusion that this is just a magic trick done in video editing or whatever. So, to all of you who DO read the entire articles, this IS a spoof but quite a good one. It’s maybe one of the best ones I have seen so far.

iOS 5 Hidden Features Demo