The Jedi Trainer’s Guide To Employee Management

This little nugget has completely gone viral since it was originally posted yesterday. It’s no surprise really. When you combine the magic of Star Wars with the popularity of infographics, and then throw in a dash of humor and some 8-bit graphics for good measure, it’s bound to be successful in the geek community. That’s exactly what Mindflash did when they put together this very creative infographic.

Employee management is tricky. I much prefer acting in a leadership role than a management role. If you are a manager and need a little advice, perhaps this Jedi Trainer’s Guide can be of some help. Bottom line, to be an effective manager, you must be able to delegate and communicate well. You must have endurance, courage and discipline. However, reading about it in these sentences isn’t nearly as much fun as reading about it in this infographic. I think it would be fun if managers gave out lightsabers and blasters as employee of the month rewards. Oh, and stock the employee break room with Yoda shaped cupcakes and Darth Vader coffee mugs. Admit it, Star Wars never gets old.

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How To Manage Employees Jedi

Via: [The Next Web]