The Klingon Keyboard: For Real or Spoof?

Every now and then I write about something that I wish I could tell you was a joke, but it isn’t. These high heel Tevas are a good example of that. I couldn’t keep a straight face when I was writing about climbing a mountain in high heels, so instead, I just went along with it and had a good time.

This is another such invention. Yesterday, I wrote an article called, “How To: Speak Klingon.” Today, I received an email from one of our dear readers (who has requested to remain anonymous to protect his insane geekdom) who told me about a Klingon keyboard. Here’s the part where you say, “Wtf?”

Apparently it started out a few years ago as a joke (does this first picture below look photoshopped to you?), but since there were so many people that actually wanted to buy it, now it’s a real product. Supposedly. I don’t know for sure because I can’t find it listed on this product site. Well, I guess it makes sense, sort of. After all, some people read and write in Klingon. The bible has been translated into Klingon. There was even that super weird guy (opps.. did I type that?) that spoke to his kid in only Klingon for three years. So, I suppose somebody out there would want a Klingon keyboard.

This would probably be most useful if you were sending emails to another universe or stalking single alien girls looking for Earthlings on those Federation websites. Oh, and apparently Klingons don’t use USB since it attaches via a PS/2 cable. Yeah, PS/2. Those Klingons really need to update their technology. If typing in Klingon is something you really want to do, you might be better off buying this $4.99 app called My Home Keyboard that allows you to type in Klingon. You can read a review about the app here. Or, better yet, stick with the online Klingon translator instead.


The “My Home Keyboard” App

Via: [Electronics Weekly, Telegraph] Image Credit: [Balsavor / Deviant Art]