Futuristic High Heels | Without The Heels

This might be weird coming from me, but when I saw these shoes, I just had to spread the word about them. Women are apparently ready to do whatever it takes to impress their man and look sexy. A Japanese fashion that was quite popular a few years ago was to make your feet look as small as possible, even to the extent that they deformed the women’s feet and in some cases they had to undergo surgery in order to remove a couple of toes to fit into the smaller sized high heels. It’s incredible how important it is to some women to have the rarest and most outrageous heels. Weird but true.

Maybe I don’t get it but I really think that women that wear a cool pair of sneakers are sometimes sexier than women who wear insanely high heels. Besides, it would feel weird to have a girl that was taller than me only to take them off and be a bunch if inches shorter than me. Well, I guess it’s just my opinion really.

So, what about a pair of high heels without the heels? Yup, it’s possible and looks quite weird. The futuristic look of these shoes apparently has a certain structure in order to support the ankle so that the heel itself is rendered useless and taken off. I wonder if these are women out there that would dare buy a pair of these and try them out. After all, isn’t the most common reason why women break their legs the fact that they wear high heels? Well, now you won’t because you won’t have any.