The Longest Letter Ever Written – Do You Know Who It’s To?

This is very touching. About ten days ago, a new world record was set for the longest letter ever written, and you’ll never guess who it was written to. The previous letter that held that record was a note to Santa Claus.

A bunch of students in India decided to celebrate their Silver Jubilee year by allowing everyone to participate in creating and writing this letter, and as you see from the pictures below, it was no easy task. 3 hours and 2,800 people later, they had successfully beaten the old world record and secured their place in history. The letter was written to God and they asked everyone that was part of this event to simply write a note to him.

Some people wrote notes of gratitude and love, others wrote pleas for peace in the world and an end to terrorism, poverty and struggle. Many of the students that were a part of this event said it was quite a spiritual experience for them. I can imagine it was. What a creative example of bringing more happiness and gratitude into the world. In the end, the letter was 2,841 feet long.

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