The Most Creative Post-It Note Prank Ever

I think all of us at Bit Rebels are post-it note junkies because we’ve written about them so much. We’ve featured geek post-it notes, gigantic post-it notes, and even a post-it note romance.

This time; however, it’s all about having fun. Remember back to your senior year in high school. We’ve all played a few pranks before we walked out of that school for the last time, right?

In my class, I remember we dumped dish soap in the fountain located right outside the door. It overflowed with bubbles that spilled all over the concrete. Compared to some of the pranks these days, we were such mild mannered students! This senior class of 2010 unleashed their creativity in a very beautiful way to execute what I think is the perfect senior prank. They all bought colored post-it notes, broke into the school at night, and covered the walls with thousands of them. Nice!

[via topcultured]