The Most Über Creative Travel Sleeping Blindfolds…Ever!

I used to travel quite a lot about a year back. It was because I was writing and producing music for various artists with different writers and producers. It’s just how it goes. I was always very jealous of those people that brought their own pillow and blindfolds on the plane. They even sometimes brought earplugs to completely shut off from the world and fall deep into the dreamland of sleep. I usually sat there for an hour and a half just trying to fall asleep until I finally gave up and just watched those movies that we’ve probably seen a thousand times already.

Now I have found something that is sure to put me in the spotlight for the rest of the flight, maybe even a little bit too much. It’s a new concept, and it offers you complete privacy and you’ll even look cool at the same time. Uh, maybe cool isn’t exactly the right word… more like scary movie cool.

Wearing these contraptions will let you completely encapsulate your face. If a fire breaks out in mid flight, god forbid, you would already be wearing a oxygen purifier, and you would just keep on sleeping until the plane lands. Designer Sruli Recht should be really proud for coming up with something so creative and cool. Big props! Looking at these is making me excited I will be sporting my scary movie mask, but it also brings up some rather interesting questions. Would these be allowed onboard a commercial airplane at all? I guess there’s only one way to find out, right?