The Simple Story About How Chewbacca Grew Up [Comic]

Sometimes it can take a lot to make someone smile an honest smile, and at other times all it takes is a single image. We all have our preferences when it comes to what we find funny or not. One thing is for certain, and that is that an image can express more than a thousand words if you are just open to seeing it. To understand and to take in what the artist or writer is saying is vital in these situations, and of course it can be hard if your mind isn’t up to it that particular day. There are a lot of websites out there that continuously post funny stuff for their readers, and even though their reader base is growing, every single person visiting that website doesn’t check in even once a day.

So what is it that could make us smile on a day like this? A day when we are still stuffed with food from late Christmas dinners and the sweetness from the most delicious candy, what could make us stretch our smile muscles to their maximum expansion? I guess a little bit of a Star Wars and Super Mario mashup could possibly do it. As a matter of fact, maybe a comic about the extraordinary effects of a mushroom could possibly be the LOL of the day.

This comic is created by Caetano Cury, and it is a truly hilarious view of how Chewbacca became the huge dude that he is. The comics that Caetano draws are not just happy findings, they’re actually a whole series of brilliantly composed and thought up comics with the Star Wars theme all bundled into all kinds of other themes. There is really no way to predict what Caetano will come up with next. All you know is that it will be superbly hilarious and brilliant. Enjoy!

How Chewbacca Grew Up Comic

Via: [Nerd Approved]