The SlipQuit: Coolest Halloween Costume Ever!

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and on Sunday the 31st of October we all gather to show off our badass costumes and pranks. It’s become a way for us to legitimately dress up and act like kids once a year. Have you started thinking about what to wear to your Halloween party? It’s a tough one I know. Last Halloween I went as Hanibal Lecter complete with knife, stray jacket, mask and a gel drained back-comb which scared most people just by the shine of it.

However, this Halloween I have to come up with something far better. Maybe this SlipQuit costume will do the trick. This Steven Slater costume from Dial House is something out of the ordinary. Forget the boring serial killers and the cute witches. This one says you’re one of the most helpful Halloweeners in history.

When you or anyone else needs a fast escape you can just use the SlipQuit. It will unfold into a slide which you can use on staircases, car doors and even wheelchair ramps. And as the ad says, use it to escape last minute jiltings, boring parties, awkward conversations and even gastrointestinal emergencies. All this for only $51.50! Of course, and unfortunately, it’s only a ploy and a concept design, but it sure is badass don’t you think?!