The Star Wars Storm Trooper Viking Helmet!

Are we overpopulating the Internet with findings of Star Wars items and gadgets? Well, if we are, I don’t really give a crap about it. Star Wars is one of the things that helps the world develop into the fantastic society we’re about to enter each and every day. Without Star Wars, how could we follow Stephen Hawkins advice and leave the earth as quickly as possible? The sci-fi series has given us ideas that would never have come to light without it, so just enjoy the awesomeness of Star Wars.

This time around, it’s something as cool as a hybrid helmet. The designer might come as a surprise though. It’s everyone’s own Mythbuster, Tory Belleci, who slammed together this heavily geeky and awesome Storm Trooper Viking helmet in solid steel and horns.

It is unclear whether or not it is for an upcoming episode of the highly successful series. And really, it doesn’t matter. If someone puts together something like this they have some serious skills in metal working, and that has to be brought to our attention. I would like to have one of these in a glass cabinet at the Bit Rebels office for us all to gaze upon on our way out to the kitchen or the game room. That would be the perfect geek interior design piece!