The Storm Flipper: A Happy Drinking Fountain Design

What a neat little design that will make you smile. We’ve all heard the saying, “Take that frown and turn it upside down!” It seems the Swedish architecture studio, Vision Division, has done just that.

They have taken the concept of bad weather and turned it upside down, and in the process created a fun new drinking fountain concept for the parks in London. This new design, called a Storm Flipper, is an upside down umbrella with the thunderstorm underneath.

The cloud is at the base of the design. The raindrops and lightening bolt attach the cloud to the umbrella. The lightening even illuminates, so if you happen to be in the park taking a walk at night, and if you get thirsty, you’ll be able to easily find this unique drinking fountain. This umbrella part of this storm flipper can be created in any color or pattern. As you see below, it can even become a “corporate” drinking fountain or an advertising opportunity with a company name on it. What a fun little design! I would love to see this replace the boring white ceramic and metal drinking fountains that we have in the parks here in Atlanta!

[via Design Boom]