The Sushi Bazooka Knows How To Serve Dinner

You thought you had seen everything, right? I can assure you the moment that thought enters your mind, that is exactly the second you will realize you are wrong. There will always be things that are introduced into our lives that we had no way of preparing for. Some of these things will revolutionize our way of living, while others will make us laugh beyond our wildest dreams. There is something they all have in common though, and that is that they are all invented by someone who is dedicated to changing the way we do things. That is what innovation is all about.

If you are a sushi lover, you know that there are quite a few tools and accessories out there to help you roll those perfect sushi rolls without a lot of effort. Some are better inventions than others, but few of them are as geeky as the Sushi Bazooka. Yup, it’s a new little toy that will totally geekify your preparing of your sushi rolls. You can fill it with any ingredients you want, whether that be salmon or shrimp. Be creative.

Just put it all into the bazooka and close it up. Then push it out using the push rod included and roll it all into the nori and viola! You are all ready to enjoy your sushi meal. This badboy is now made available for just $25, and you can get it from Strapya-World. I love geeky gadgets like this. It’s what makes cooking and preparing food so much fun. When I am not hanging around the keyboard acting all geeky, I usually find myself cooking something up in the kitchen. Geeky gadgets FTW!




Via: [Walyou]