50 Things A Geek Should Know: The Ultimate Geek Test [Infographic]

Alright, let’s get down to business! It’s time to determine whether you are really a geek or not. There are a bunch of posers roaming the streets who all say they are geeks, but in reality, they aren’t. They are the ones who don’t know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, or how to code a basic website using just notepad. Well, it’s time to show your true colors. It’s time for you to take the ultimate geek test to see whether you are worthy of the title at all!

A true geek doesn’t flaunt his or her geekiness unless there is a reason for it. That is a statement that is true until people start picking it apart. There is more to being a geek than what sometimes meets the eye. Just being smart doesn’t make you a geek. Being a geek is a lifestyle that comes from the inside, and it doesn’t depend on what you flaunt. A bow-tie or a pair of geeky glasses doesn’t make you a geek, your lifestyle and personality do.

I am sure there are a lot of people out there who like the geeky look and title, and there is nothing wrong with that, but wouldn’t it be cool if you got proof that you really are a geek by taking this fantastic geek test? Yeah I know, maybe it’s not exactly the most scientific way to find out whether you are a geek or not, but it does make a little bit of sense anyway, don’t you think? I don’t think many people will be able to get a perfect score on it, but if you do, consider yourself a geek of magnificent posture.

I am usually not a fan of taking IQ or knowledge tests online, but this one was actually quite fun! I have to give credit to Virtual Hosting for putting this awesome geek test, called 50 Things A Geek Should Know, together for us all. It would be great if you would tell us your score in the commenting section below so we can get a kick out of how awesomely geeky you guys really are. Let’s show the world that Bit Rebels has the geekiest readers ever!

Virtual Hosting’s Ultimate Geek Test

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via: [visual.ly]


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    Ha! yes that is a good one… I do think that some of the modern gamer stuff is week, I mean if you know this quote source and what to do then you are grandfathered in:

    “You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded up door. There is a small mailbox here.”

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    Dinchamion 9 years

    Seriously? No Firefly/Buffy/etc? Really?

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    Nerdylutheranchick 9 years

    “I’m not THAT kind of Geek” was running through my head.

    True Geeks separate Video Games and Board Games/Card Games into two categories.

    This had a bunch of lame modern “I’m a geek because of this” stuff I encounter from pseudo-noob geeks.

    TV/Movies was totally missing Firefly, Galaxy Quest, and Hackers.

    Video Games should include beating Super Mario Bros., The cake is a lie, DigDug, Chessmaster, Oregon Trail, and Pong at the very least.

    Board/Card Games should have Munchkin, Carcassone, Chess, Stratego and backgammon.

    And for all the intro’s claim about lifestyle, it didn’t even really have any good lifestyle questions. And ComiCon isn’t the only kind of Con, what about Society for Creative Anachronism/Medieval or Civil War Reenactment, RennFaires, Cosplay, Collecting, Etc?

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    Mikel: Good one!

  • comment-avatar

    Dinchamion: I have to agree with that. :)

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    Nerdylutheranchick: Yeah, could definitely do with more and better lifestyle questions. All valid points. Thank you!

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    I like “know how to do a barrel roll” :)
    that is the one thing I know it seems. I’m just out of keeb status. Barely!

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    Why does my spell check want keeb instead of keeg? Tryin to make me a beek.

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    Krys: Haha! Well, you know all of us here at Bit Rebels know you are a true geek. There is more to being a geek than knowledge, it’s a lifestyle. ;)

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    bill 9 years

    yea, this is incredibly insulting…. I was one of the translators of the Klingon Christmas Carol, been cosplaying for 20 years and can quote huge sections of SF movies by heart, I am not a geek,since I don’t know anime and video games,

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    starbuckismyhero 8 years

    I think you need more comic book questions. It’s not really fair to just have games associated with being a geek. I also agree with a lot of Nerdylutheranchick’s points. I cosplay, used to work at a comic book store, and love and watch a lot of sci-fi, but apparently “thick rimmed glasses don’t make me a geek”…harsh.

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    Kitt 8 years

    Hmmm, 30+years as an adult of RPG’s, module writing and illustrating, having a deep and profound knowledge of SF&F books, love of science, and (painful to admit) quoting Monty Python, Hitchhikers Guide, Heinlein, and Buckeroo Banzai far too often doesn’t count…Cryptic crosswords, Scrabble mastery and painting miniatures obviously not on the list. Thats okay… I’m really just a Goth :)