The Ultimate Geek Test: Name the 425 Game Characters

So do you consider yourself to be a geek? Maybe you even think that you are the pinnacle of the word geek, and you flaunt your geekiness by calling yourself the ultimate uber geek. Well, before you go around making a fool out of yourself in front of someone more geeky then you, I suggest you take the necessary precautions and put your geekiness to the test. It’s not such a big deal after all, is it? I mean, if you really are the ultimate uber geek, you should finish this test with flying colors. So are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to put your geekiness to the test and possibly erase all doubts that you really are what you say you are?

Good, then have a look at this mammoth of a picture and name all the 425 game characters, the 375 games they are in, and also name the 2 games from which the characters are present in but the games were never released. As you can see, that’s not even all there is to it. Finish this thing without cheating, and you are truly the ultimate uber geek that you would like to brag about yourself being. As we say, put your money where your mouth is.

This is definitely going to challenge my geekiness, and I am afraid I will fail miserably. My head starts to spin just at the sight of this epic picture. There are 425 game characters crammed into one and the same image. That is a LOT of game characters to name, if you ask me. I am sure many of you will pull a stunt and cheat, which is fine by me, but remember, your honesty will reflect your true geekiness in the end, and the only one who has to live with it is you. If you cheat, you are a loser. Simple as that. Now have a go, and tell us what your results are. We are truly eager to know how our community is doing, and how geeky you guys really are.

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Hardcore Geek Gamer Test Image

Via: [UFunk – French]