The Ultimate Nerd Guide To New York City [Map]

Being a geek in New York City just got a whole lot more fun! With Comic Con on its doorstep, and with an armada of geeks invading the city for a bit of gaming and comic culture, what could be more important than to show off New York City in the very best possible way? I am sure most people who haven’t been to New York City want to check out ground zero and the Empire State building, but after that, what is there for a geek to do, right? I am sure there are plenty of things since I am certainly not an expert on this constantly buzzing city. It turns out there are some people out there though that actually want to make the lives of geeks a lot more inspirational and fun!

The guys over at BuzzFeed know when to come to the geek community’s aid, and with the help of some of their readers, they put together an incredible map that I am sure every geek is going to treat as their main focus while they are in the city of New York. This map points out all the geeky locations that any comic or gaming freak needs to check out. After all, you can’t spend your entire time at Comic Con, can you?

Then again, this will work just as well if you are not going to Comic Con since it merely points out all the geek hot spots that one should definitely pay a visit to. There is everything from the Daily Planet‘s address to the future home of Planet Express. These are all the addresses you have been reading about or seen in movies and different television series. Sightseeing suddenly became a whole lot more cool, didn’t it? What is the address that you would like to check out if you could only choose one? Heck, forget that! When I am there next time, I am checking out every address on this map! That’s a fact!

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Nerd Map Over New York