The Video Game That Does Your Laundry

Suddenly doing the laundry just got fun, and expensive if you suck at video games. This is called the amusement washing machine. It’s a video game on the top, and a clothes washing machine on the bottom, but here is where it gets interesting. You put your dirty clothes in the washing machine part of this arcade game, and then you enter three coins. For that, you are given three lives, and the wash cycle begins.

If you lose all three lives, the washing machine stops washing clothes until you enter more money to continue the game. I wish I knew the details about the game itself. Is it a shooting alien game, or maybe a running from zombies game? Maybe it’s a puzzle type game like Tetris.

The point is, you either learn the game or you’ll be stuck wearing partially washed clothes. I could get down with this, I like it! The funny part is that it was created by Lee Wei Chen, a 27-year-old student at London’s Kingston University, who admits he doesn’t even know how to operate a regular washing machine. This design was for one of his school projects. I hope he got an A!

Arcade Game Does The Wash

Arcade Game Does The Wash

Arcade Game Does The Wash

Via: [Oddity Central] [Kingston University]