The World’s Most Elaborate Lego Build Is Pushing Balls

Not too long ago, I wrote about how Lego builds are becoming extremely elaborate and complex; therefore, some pioneers are redefining the art of Lego crafting by building lifelike builds using as few blocks as possible. It’s an art that really makes you think to come up with some of those builds. I am sure it takes quite a bit of trial and error before the best ones can be stored, photographed and honored. However, there are of course Lego geeks out there that don’t care how long it takes for them to build stuff. They will still puzzle away expanding their build to infinity. Apparently somewhere in the world a few people, equipped with millions of Lego blocks, are putting together an ever expanding Lego contraption that will have most of us just gasping for air halfway through the showcase.

Once they start by dumping a handful of small balls into the contraption, you will quickly notice that no matter how long you watch this thinking the showcase will soon be over, it will keep going and going… and going, until you really have had enough. These guys must be doing some serious thinking in front of the telly on their off time.

I mean, if they even have off time. If these guys have jobs, I am sure they have something to do with Lego. They must be, because the level of ingenuity in these builds is just mind boggling. How long did it take to build? Well, too long I would say, probably. I am not even sure they’re done yet. What is the goal and when will they be finished? Nobody knows really, and to these guys, it doesn’t seem to matter. Just as long as they add a new contraption to the build, they are happy. Lego geeks must be the most pale geeks in the world. Honestly!

Extreme Ball Contraption Lego Build

Extreme Ball Contraption Lego Build