The World’s 8 Biggest Baddest Fugliest Bugs

Somebody on Twitter sent me a tweet today that read, “You’re so weird, but I like it.” I didn’t quite know how to take that, so I chose to take it as a compliment. I know I share a lot of really strange WTF kind of stuff with you here, but that’s just the way I roll. I can’t help it really. I’m fascinated with people and the world in general, and when I find stuff that makes me go, “Whaaaaaaat?” I always want to rush over here to share it with you. This article is no exception.

We’ve actually written about bugs a lot on Bit Rebels. I don’t know what it is about them that makes them so much fun. I guess ultimately it comes down to the creepy factor. If you love bugs, here are a few articles you can check out: Steampunk bugs, Eating bugs, Sushi bugs and Virtual bugs. Today it’s all about the biggest bugs in the world, and let me warn you, some of them are freaking huge!

Ever since I read a few months ago that every person inhales hundreds of little bugs over their lifetime, I’ve been nervous to fall asleep with my mouth open. Hey, you never know what might be lingering in the shadows of the night, right? For anyone who is super nit picky, I suppose I should specify that some of these are insects, some are arachnids, most are gross, and all are bugs. How’s that for some official biological classifications? Enjoy.

This is the Giant Long-Legged Katydid (Grasshopper)
Largest Insect In The World

This particular big bug feeds its babies inside wood for several years before they are ever seen.
Little Kid Holding Big Bug

These spiders are found in the desert in the Middle East. They like to hide inside the soldiers’ sleeping bags.
Bugs In Soldiers Sleeping Bags

This is one of the largest spiders in the world. It hunts and eats frogs, mice and even snakes.
A Huge Gigantic Spider

This is supposedly the largest cockroach in the world. Ewwww…. #enuffsaid
The Largest Cockroach Ever

This giant Stick Insect may not actually be big, but it’s definitely the longest bug around.
The Giant Stick Insect

These bugs are found near the Gulf of Mexico. They are the kind of bugs that haunt my nightmares, like they could suck your brains out.
Bugs Attacking A Doritos Bag

People argue over whether or not this is technically a bug, but he’s going on my list anyway because he’s definitely fugly. This Giant Isopod is like a huge roly-poly.
Big Ugly Insects and Bugs

This is number 9, which is your bonus bug. He’s not big, but he’s the baddest and fugliest of all. This tongue-eating louse gets inside another animal’s mouth, avoids being swallowed, and then bites that victim’s tongue and sucks its blood. Mmm… tasty.
A Big Blood Sucking Bug

Via: [WebEcoist] [Nacho Celebrity] [Funny Page Net] Header Image Credit: [Franck Boston / Shutterstock]